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“Musicians of words / Strumentisti di parole”

“We are TheCoevas: the first band literature composed by Maurizio Verdiani, Maria Pia Carlucci, Fiorella Corbi and Stefano Capecchi. We consider ourselves Musicians of Words and choose a daily presence in the global village. We write as a score of symphony, modulating and arranging idioms. Artistic languages conjugates. The blog itself is a work of art: a melting pot of visual arts, thoughts, theater performances and staves; confluence of new ideas and stimuli.”


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Luke's ENGLISH Podcast

In this episode I challenged myself to talk for 30 minutes. I ended up talking for 1 hour.

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Here is a moment by moment tracklist for this episode:

1. The kinds of food we eat
2. Japanese sushi
3. Tsukiji Market
4. Green tea
5. Korean food
6. Chinese food at markets
7. Weird things I’ve eaten
8. First time I tried sushi
9. Sushi in London
10. The Japan Centre
11. American food
12. South American food
13. French bread
14. German food
15. Russian food
16. Chicken Kiev
17. Indian food
18. Birmingham’s Balti
19. Curry
20. African food
21. Other episodes about food
22. Buying a new kitchen
23. Homebase rant
24. Share price gamble
25. Finding another topic
26. My Dad bought me a watch
27. Obey
28. Banksy
29. Advertising
30. Half way point
31. Conclusions?
32. Memory loss

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Going To The Pub

14 luglio 2012

Luke's ENGLISH Podcast

This is your 100% guide to how to go to the pub in the UK.

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In this episode you’ll learn everything you need to know about going to the pub, including:
-what does a pub look like?
-types of pub
-are you welcome?
-opening times
-how to order
-where to stand
-how to get served
-the order of being served
-buying drinks for others
-what to say to the barman
-making conversation with locals
-types of drink
-useful phrases
-what you will find in the pub
-places to sit
-things to do
-pub lunch
-after work drinks
-night out
-beer garden
-What NOT to do
-binge drinking
-getting drunk
-words for ‘drunk’
-the pub in British culture – films, tv shows
If you find the podcast useful, why not donate some money to help me pay for…

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