The Rotary Sushi Bar of English

14 luglio 2012

Luke's ENGLISH Podcast

In this episode I challenged myself to talk for 30 minutes. I ended up talking for 1 hour.

Right-click here to download this episode.
Here is a moment by moment tracklist for this episode:

1. The kinds of food we eat
2. Japanese sushi
3. Tsukiji Market
4. Green tea
5. Korean food
6. Chinese food at markets
7. Weird things I’ve eaten
8. First time I tried sushi
9. Sushi in London
10. The Japan Centre
11. American food
12. South American food
13. French bread
14. German food
15. Russian food
16. Chicken Kiev
17. Indian food
18. Birmingham’s Balti
19. Curry
20. African food
21. Other episodes about food
22. Buying a new kitchen
23. Homebase rant
24. Share price gamble
25. Finding another topic
26. My Dad bought me a watch
27. Obey
28. Banksy
29. Advertising
30. Half way point
31. Conclusions?
32. Memory loss

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